Are You Faking Facebook?

Are You Faking Facebook? Faking Facebook? Anytime you Google the name of a business or company and you can’t find any information about it? Run the other way. Because I can’t find the owner of this site (I wanted to ask them if faking Facebook identity was okay really with their conscience) and, in… Read More »

MarketHive; Rise Of The Entrepreneur

MarketHive; rise of the Entrepreneur The Entrepreneur? “en·tre·pre·neur / äntrəprəˈnər”>>considered a “noun 1. a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” There are many descriptions of what an entrepreneur is or what an entrepreneur does. The people at Markethive are the entrepreneurs of this… Read More »

Buyer Beware The Boys Are Back

`Buyer Beware The Boys Are Back Empower Network Again? You are not going to believe what I just received in my email? An invitation that says; “Do you want to make an extra $10,000 per month from home?” Like I said before “Buyer Beware The Boys Are Back”!  What kind of an opening statement is… Read More »

Why Do I Have To Read Anyway?

Why Do I Have To Read Anyway?  “How can I make money on the Internet?” This is a fairly common question and one that I hear too often. But you would be surprised at other questions that I listen to; ie “why do I have to read anyway”? What? Give me a break folks. I… Read More »

Lead Lightning Is The New Kid On The Block

Lead lightning is the new kid on the block! Choppin’ it up, and now hanging out with Priceless Possibilities and Power Lead System! Have you ever heard of Priceless Possibilities? Power Lead Systems? How about Neil Guess or Michael Price or Tony Robbins? Stay with us, try and keep up now; this ride gets a little more… Read More »

Affilorama/Founder Mark Ling; Another Greedy Scam Artist?

Affilorama/Founder Mark Ling; Another Greedy Scam Artist? Affilorama – Does it Really Work? URL Cost:  One Buck 30 day trial, then $67 per month, AND THEN (those ugly upsells) $197, then $497, and then $97 Affilorama/Founder Mark Ling; another greedy scam artist? Mark Ling has been the owner and founder since the beginning of… Read More »

Four Corners Alliance Group

FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE GROUP AKA Four Corners David Harrison – Owner & CEO US OFFICE We are here to help Las Vegas, NV +1.775.376.7637 Cost: $18.00 (one time payment?) **See newsletter / paper charges once a month of $29.95 What Four Corners Alliance Group offers: Five separate income streams from educational materials… Read More »